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Laptop Power Jack Installation

     If you laptop computers power jack is broken, loose or not making good contact with the chargers plug, Some service companies will tell you that the system board - motherboard will have to be replaced and that it will cost almost as much as a new laptop. In many cases this is totally untrue.

    Here at Thrifty Computer Services we have the knowledge and equipment to replace your computers broken or defective power jack.

    We have many of the most popular power jacks in stock, Providing the power jack or power jack assembly is in stock we can have your laptop repaired within one to two business days.

    Due to the facts that the cost of power jacks or power jack assemblies and complexity of disassembling the laptop and changing the power jack differ greatly from model to model we can not give you an estimate without first examining the computer. We can say that the Professional Service (labor) Rates range from $45.00 to $65.00