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Laptop Screen Installation

     If you laptop computers screen is physically broken, You do need your screen replaced, If your screen is totally black (No video) you may or may not need a new screen. Please bring your laptop computer in for a repair estimate.

    Here at Thrifty Computer Services we have the knowledge and equipment to replace your computers broken or defective laptop screen.

    When replacing your laptop screen (liquid crystal display panel) we use A+ Quality Screens when at all possible, Many service companies use lesser quality screens to enhance their profits. In many cases we can offer you a choice of a glossy or matte finish screen. Given that choice I personally would choose the matte as it dose not produce as much glare as the glossy screens that most laptop computers come with.

    Due to the facts that the cost of laptop screens and complexity of disassembling the laptop and changing the screen differ greatly from model to model we can not give you an estimate without first removing the old screen from the computer in order to get an exact part number. We can say that the Professional Service (labor) Rates range from $45.00 to $65.00